I offer a range of specialised packages to suite all needs. Remember, our packages are customizable to your goals/needs, and if you cannot find what you are looking for, give us a call, or fill in the form below.

6 Months ‘For Life’

Includes a complimentary Discovery Call, and weekly 15 minute coaching sessions, either in person or via video calling, as well as access to the members area and private Facebook Support/Community group and added support via email/messenger. Payments are made monthly ($300), in advance; or alternatively a once-off, reduced payment can be made in full ($1500), prior to the first coaching session.

A ‘pantry purge AND ‘shopping spree’ is included in this, of one hour duration each.

As with all my services, we lay a good, solid foundation and start with basic Primal Health principles, and then head into more specific goals and challenges to make you Rise Beyond Health.

12 Week ‘New You’

Includes a complimentary Discovery Call, and 12 x 15minute coaching sessions, once per week, via video chat, and added support via email/messenger. Payment is made monthly, in advance. Alternatively, it is $900 once off and up front, prior to the first coaching session. You may choose to add either an assisted ‘shopping spree’, OR a ‘pantry purge’, of one hour duration, free of charge.

We always start from the foundation up, covering the basic principles of Primal Health and how to live according to our evolutionary design, but depending on where you are at, and your individual goals/challenges, this might just be a quick recap, or an in-depth few weeks, after which we go into more specifics.

40 Day ‘Habit Change’

Includes a complimentary Discovery Call to find out your unique obstacles and 4 coaching sessions thereafter – 15 min each (1 per week – via video call). You will learn all the basics as is available in our Rise and Reset Challenge, but with the addition of one-on-on coaching calls, email/messenger support, and a few bonus additions to make long-lasting habitual changes to get you set for a happier, healthier life.

21 Day ‘Intro’

This is a 21 day challenge to introduce you to Primal Health, which is a set of basic, but specific principles to get us eating, moving and living according to our ancestral and evolutionary design, in order to acquire and maintain health, longevity, and happiness in our modernised world.
All communication is done via email/social media with daily challenges & educational tools to get you started.

Individual Health Coach Session

I offer one-on-one health coaching, face-to-face as well as online. This price is the rate for a once off, or extra sessions, on top of whichever package you choose from the list provided. I also do group coaching, depending on where you are at with your health journey. The price is scaled according to the number in the group. The goal is to teach you the basic principles of Primal Health, taking charge of your own body and your own health, and equipping you with the necessary tools to succeed in your health journey, outside of the packages listed above.