About the Company

I have always had a dream to one day expand my team and my practice into a complete wellness and sport performance hub, offering world-class technology together with educators and practitioners in all aspects relating to health, wellness, recovery, rehabilitation, sport performance and longevity.

That dream was set into motion years ago but was paused when I needed to first find safety and a better life for myself and my family and migrated to Australia in 2018. Fast forward a few years, and it was time to re-ignite my dream and my passion.

The name ‘Rise Beyond Health’ is my aspiration and vision for my community to become educated and empowered to take ownership of their health and their choices, creating a space and a means for people to Rise Beyond their obstacles to higher highs, making people come to terms with, believe, and accept, that they are worthy of a happy, healthy, and long life, and the more people I can touch and help, the more people they in turn can touch and change, and in doing so, produce a continued ripple effect within my community, creating that future where our children’s children will still be enjoying the benefits.

More and more will be added to ‘Rise Beyond Health’s’ story and to the service list, as the actual story and dream unfold…so please check in regularly and make sure you are on our mailing list for all the updates and expansions to come.


Company Vision

My vision is to create a future where our children, and their children’s children can be happy, healthy, and thriving in a natural outdoors environment; where food is medicine, the sun is beautiful, water and air is pollution-free, and our bodies move fluently and function optimally, because we live congruently with our evolutionary design. And part of this design, is a sense of belonging, community, connection, and expressing our own unique purpose in life to reach our full potential.


Dr. Lizl Westermann received her chiropractic qualification from Johannesburg University in 2010 and spent the next seven years running a successful private practice before deciding to migrate to Australia. Her passion for people, health, and sport is what lead her into her field of study, and her desire for a better life for her and her son Declan, lead her to Australia. Dr. Lizl is an avid runner and regularly partakes in triathlons, marathons, and ultra-marathons. She is an advocate for functional and holistic health, and continuously researches new ways to optimise mind, body, and spirit.

Dr Lizl has completed various other short courses and certifications and she routinely broadens her knowledge in various aspects of the human body. She is a qualified SD Protocol practitioner, Dry Needling practitioner, certified Ironman and Primal Health coach and holds an ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning coach qualification. Currently, Dr Lizl is completing her post graduate Diploma in Sports Chiropractic.

Dr Lizl has a special interest in posture correction, barefoot living, long-term athletic development, and human performance. She loves sharing her knowledge and her love of healthy living with her patients and her local community and believes that through healthier choices, physical therapy, of which chiropractic care forms the foundation, she can positively impact the people around her.

In her spare time Dr. Lizl loves spending her time outdoors either running, cycling, swimming, doing various obstacle races and challenges, experimenting with new exercise tactics, or being on horseback exploring nature. Her and her son loves camping, fishing, and hunting (for food consumption). She is an animal lover and loves cooking and baking, making tasty, wholesome, low carb and primal treats for her family.

Dr. Lizl Westernann
Dr. Lizl Westernann

Dr. Lizl Westermann

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