Training and Lifestyle Programs

I have a range of generic, but well-formulated and easy to follow, online and pdf programs to get you started on your health and fitness journey. Please click on any of the links below to get started.

If you are looking for a more individualized training or health program, please reach out on the contact page, and let us tailor to your specific needs.

First Five – running your first 5 km fun run and getting you to love being active! No previous running history required and suites all levels of fitness.
Easy Ten – Run you first ever 10km. Beginner and Intermediate levels available.
Rise and Reset – For a full health reset or over-haul. Great for after holidays or succeeding in your New Year’s resolutions. This program addresses nutrition and exercise habits with a few extra healthy hacks that might just change how you look at health and how you live your life, opening endless possibilities to enhancing your health and your life.
Beyond Sleep – For all those insomniacs out there, from the seriously medicated, to the stressed entrepreneur lying awake at 2am…this one is for you. Improve your sleep hygiene, sleep efficiency, and overall quality, to enhance performance and everyday life. Giving your more energy to spend on the things you love.
Beyond Posture – Feeling the slump?? This program will fast-track your body alignment and posture correction, creating conscious awareness of your body and head position, developing healthier habits around your work and home life, and ensuring that our technologically driven world is not having a negative impact on your body or mind.