Functional Assessments (AxIt System and Movement patterns)

Want to take your sport performance to the next level, or simply want to resolve stubborn injuries or better yet, prevent injuries? Then this is a must for you and/or your team.

Utilizing world-class technology, together with functional movement pattern screening, we can take you and your team to the next level. But this is not only for athletes and sport enthusiasts and is also utilized for assessment of movement dysfunction and muscular imbalances in any person, young and old.

The AxIT System (pronounced axe-it) meaning “assess it” in abbreviated healthcare terms, is a complete physical assessment system featuring two Stomp-IT force plates, one Push-IT handheld strength assessment tool and one Pull-IT tension strength assessment device.

This is a device like no other and is also 100% Australian made. It is the only force plate and dynamometer system designed for everyday health and fitness professionals, giving you a full data analysis that you’d only be able to find in the highest elite-level teams.

This system allows convenient collection of data previously not possible on traditional muscle testing devices with greater reliability to handheld dynamometry. Designed to easily measure isometrically, concentrically and eccentrically.